Voter Suppression Suspected in Oro Valley, Arizona

Oro Valley AZ
Voter Repression Suspected

A Native American and member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, Tony Villegas, suspects that voter suppression may have occurred.  This suspicion occurred at Congress District 01, Legislative District 11, Supervisor District 01, and School District  10.  The voting poll location was The Church of Apostles located at Tangerine Rd and La Cholla Rd.

Upon asking why his vote was denied, Mr. Villegas was told that he was not listed in the voting list.  He then requested a provisional ballot but was denied.  A General Election Voter ID Slip was provided that was initialed by the polling clerk.

Further investigation will be forthcoming.

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Update, 11/27/2017

Background: Tony Villegas was denied a vote and a provisional ballot for the Oro Valley election of Bond 454.  He feels that the denial represents taxation without representation as this determines whether he pays taxes to support the bond.

A discussion with E. Ann Rodriguez, Voter Notification, Pima County AZ was done. She was extremely helpful with this discussion. A review with Ms Rodriguez of the taxes in Oro Valley indicate that residence do not pay any additional city taxes beyond Pima County taxes.  This conflicts with what was told at the polls; that Oro Valley pays more then Pima County. Ms. Rodriguez indicates that new housing developments established close to the election may have been missed. She will implement a strategy to include construction of new homes before the next election.

A follow up with the Office of the Secretary of State for Arizona, Michele Regan, was done.  The contact person was the Deputy Director of Communications.  The question was identification of the responsible for training poll workers in Pima County.  She indicated that Brad Nelson is the Election Director for Pima County.  She provided an overview of the process and provided the Grievance Form Rev. 01-05-2015 in accordance with 52 U.S.C §21112.

A follow up will be done with Mr. Nelson in the near future.

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Additional inquiries will be forthcoming.

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